How To Travel In The US On A Budget

How To Travel In The US On A Budget

It’s a Travellers dream to visit the land of stars and stripes. Just like most travellers I was looking for ways on how to travel in the US on a budget. Furthermore, In this article, I’ll be showing you my tips on how planning and a little research can save you a lot more than a few pennies.

Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out on experiences. Undoubtedly there are many benefits to travelling on a budget. Not only do you save money but you also get to experience a city or destination like locals. You end up experiencing local cuisine and avoiding expensive tourist loaded attractions.

Furthermore, let’s show you how to travel in the US on a budget without spending a shed load of cash.

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Plan your trip in advance

Planning a trip 2 to 3 months in advance can be enough to get you some great bargains. On the other hand If your planning on going travelling you may choose to plan your trip years in advance. In addition, if you start planning your trip a couple of months in advance you can keep a lookout for low accommodation and flight prices.

The biggest struggle can be finding a reliable site to book your flights and accommodation. Once you’ve found the perfect site you’ll be able to keep a lookout for cheap discounts. Booking apps such as Hooper can help notify you when flight and accommodation prices are reduced. to find more apps that can assist your travel read the best travel apps for 2020.

Not only are there many apps available but there are also many sites. For cheap flights to and around the united states, a great site is CheapOair. This site is one of the oldest I can remember and one of the most popular for travellers. In addition, this site will not only provide you with cheap travel it will also scan the web to find you the best deals on accommodation, flights and car rental.

When planning your holiday dates try to book off-peak as this will get you the best deals and offers.

Plan your itinerary

Planning an itinerary or knowing the route you wish to take can help you break down the real costs of travel. With an itinerary, you’ll be able to prioritise the destinations you wish to go to. Once you know how much your tip may cost it will also help plan you’re itinerary better.

The worst thing is planning your trip without breaking down the cost. This can lead to many hidden cost which is really what you don’t need. You may find your self needing to book transport in the destination which can be a lot more expensive than in advance.

Rent a car

Domestic flights around the United States can be very expensive and time-consuming. Car Rental is the cheapest way to travel and it gives you the freedom to travel at your own pace. Car rental is the most popular mode of transport after flying.

When booking car rental its best to book it yourself locally as many companies may charge you for daily airport access plus tax. In all major cities there are many car rentals companies available so finding the perfect vehicle can be easy.

Avoid Hotels

There are many accommodation types in the US apart from hotels. It may be an idea to stay in a B&B or a guesthouse. If your travelling with kids it can be exciting having your own pool and kitchen where you can cook. In addition, the kids can share bedrooms and it will feel like your at home. B&B’s can also save you money on dining out, there are many hypermarkets and supermarkets available for you to get food for cheap all around the US.

Hostels are also a much cheaper alternative to hotels. If your travelling as a group, couple or solo this is a great place to feet fellow travellers.  These travellers will also be able to he;p you with travel recommendations and tips. On the other hand, if sharing a room is too much for you there are also guesthouses where you’ll have your own room and privacy.

Limit your destinations

There are so many attractions and parks to see in each state that it can take days to see them all. We suggest limiting the number of states you wish to visit so you can take in all the beauty of the state your visiting.

In order to save some money try to visit states close to each other rather than far away. This will save money on petrol as well as the time it takes you to travel.

Get your ESTA

The first thing you must do is apply for your ESTA. This document is a legal requirement for anyone travelling from outside the US for travel and tourism purposes for the maximum number of 90 days.

Without an ESTA you will be denied entry into the States. Any tourist without an ESTA will be sent home, however without an ESTA, you will not be permitted to board a plane. Your only option will be to find an internet spot or wifi spot to apply for an ESTA.

Use Grey Hound buses

Another great way to travel affordably is by using greyhound buses to commute. If you don’t feel comfortable hiring a car theses buses are the best way to travel. The buses have many modern facilities such as a restroom, reclining chairs, wifi and tinted windows.

Greyhound buses operate 24/7 and run from over 3700 locations. The buses travel to many popular tourists cities to many in popular cities. They offer many different classes of tickets making it ideal tip on how to travel in the US on a budget.

Join free walking tours

There are many walking tours available in many major cities around the US. These tours are a great way to see the local landmarks as well as learning about the history behind them. The tours are normally tip based so before you leave be sure to tip the guide.

Joining these walking tours will save you time on planning and locating points of interest. The local guise will plan the route and show you all the popular attractions within the city. All you will need to do is make sure you have your camera at the ready.

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