Camping Checklist

Champing Checklist

Checklists are one of the best ways to prepare for a trip or even to have during a trip. They can be a great way to start when planning your trip, however, the items you’ll need will depend on the type of camping trip, the time of year and activities you choose to undertake. A camping trip can change turn into a nightmare if you don’t pack the correct instruments. To help you avoid this we’ve come up with a Camping checklist to help you plan.

There are many unpredictable aspects of going on a camping trip. One of which is the weather, before you travel its best to check if the location is prone to rain, snow or storms. In addition, check the wether the time your thinking of visiting as the weather can take a sudden turn. Be prepared to pack for all weathers.

Furthermore, there are many other essential items that you’ll need to make your camping trip enjoyable. In this article, we’ll be showing you some of the best camping checklist. You can add and remove items to your checklist depending on where your travelling. A good example if your travelling on safari and camping you’ll not need a navigation system if you’re going on a tour.

A navigation system

compass and map

When camping many people think of navigating using a compass and a map. Topographic maps can be a great way to navigate yourself around a national park when your thinking of doing a little more than walking.

Compasses are also great, ever been hiking or tracking and your mobile battery runs out? Here’s where the compass comes into play not only is this great as a back up to your GPS it also doesn’t require a battery!

Sun Protection

Camping Checklist

You would wear a coat or jacket if it rains or is cold the same applies with the sun. It’s important to stay protected from the sun in many different ways one remembering to wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes. Not only will you need to use them in the summer but also in winter months depending on the time of year and activities you intend to take part in. In the snowy conditions its essential to wear darker sunglasses maybe even skiing goggles to protect from the reflections of the glaciers as well as the low sun.

You’ll also need to protect your arms, legs, back and face from the sun using sunscreen.



There are many light options available when camping. Headlights are great as they are hands-free and they are also lightweight with extended battery life.

Another light option is spotlights they are also great as they are more visible if you happen to be in an emergency.

When you take the light option of your choice remember to pack spare batteries.

Food and Water

Camping Checklist

Always make sure you have enough food supplies. If your planning to travel on long hikes or treks its good to bring non-cook supplies. Snacks such as fruits, nuts and energy bars are great.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep a water bottle with you when you travel. When you plan your trip make sure you know the potential amount of water you will need depending on the journey.

First-Aid kit

Camping Checklist

There are many pre-assembled first aid kits available from drug stores which you can pick up for cheap. There is the option of creating your first aid kit for your specific needs.

The contents of your first aid kit will depend on the amount of people and time you intend to spend on your trip. If your travelling with kids you may choose to pack more band-aids as kids tend to get injured more.

A first aid kit should consist of bandages, sticky band-aids in different sizes, dressing pads, ointment, sticky tape and pain medication. These are just a few items I would pack but you can also add more if you feel the need.

These are a few of the most useful items I pack when I go camping. if your thinking of travelling to the Amazon rain forest you’ll need a Jungle checklist read here.




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