No one wants to get sick when they go on holiday. It can happen to all of us. Last year in November we Travelled across the Atlantic to New York. The first few nights my Mother in law came down with a bug or maybe just the choppy sea got the best of her. This was not fun! now let’s get to tips for staying healthy while travelling.

Tips for Staying Healthy While Travelling

I’ve always prepared myself and ensured I’ve stayed healthy when travelling abroad. Furthermore, we would like to share our tips on how you can ensure your staying healthy while travelling or on your holidays.

Boost Your Immune System

Tips for Staying Healthy While Travelling

A good way to get to stay healthy while travelling is to boost your immune system. A great way to prevent travel-related illnesses is to support your immune system with the key nutrients and a healthy diet. Just like at home there are many healthy snacks you can take along with you on your travels. Snacks such as Fruits and Vegetables can be a great way to keep your immune system healthy. Fruit cups and salads are readily available at airports. It’s best for you to have dark leafy greens such as baby spinach alongside brightly coloured fruits such as berries. If your travelling by car you can store these in a cooler bag this is great if your travelling on holiday but when travelling a cooler bag can be a struggle.

Get Enough Sleep

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

I’m sure you may have heard a lot about insufficient amounts of sleep id not good for your health and well being well it’s true. There are many studies showing that people who have been exposed to viruses such as the common cold or flu are more likely to get sick again. Furthermore, lack of sleep can also affect the speed to recovery after sickness. This is something you don’t want when travelling or on holiday. When travelling on public transport or on aeroplanes it can be tricky to get any sleep. Packing earplugs. noise-cancelling headphones and even a travel pillow can aid you to get a good amount of sleep when travelling.

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Keep Hydrated


It’s very important to keep hydrated when travelling abroad. When travelling by plane you can get very dehydrated due to the lack of humidity in the cabin. Air crafts can have extremely low levels of humidity as low as 20percent. In many airports after security, you’ll find a number of free water fountains. Remember to pack an empty water bottle in your hand luggage so you can get it refilled. Other than water potassium-rich foods is another great way to get your source of H2O. Bananas and coconut water can be found at many stores within the airport giving you that hydration you require.

Try To Stay Active


There are many ways in which you may be travelling, whether it’s by plane, public transport or car it’s important to keep active. Exercise can boost your mood, increase your energy and even fight off those unwanted infections you may be prone to catch ( I always get manage to catch a bug or cold). While travelling be sure to take part in activities or tours that require you to get your body moving and your heart pumping, this is a good way to have a healthy mind and soul.

Many locations may offer hotel gyms, but when travelling these can be had to find especially if your camping or staying in a hostel. Going for a morning run or a walk in the nearby surroundings can be a great way to keep active. This section mainly applies to holidaymakers. Many travellers or backpackers tent to take part in various activities that give them more than the daily exercise they require.

Wash Your Hands Regularly and Sanitize Surfaces


You may think this will be the first thing you do in order to keep clean and healthy. When travelling we can easily forget about sanitizing surfaces especially if your travelling with children and in a bit of a hurry. Touching handrails, opening and closing doors and even taking change are all things we often overlook when it comes to travelling.

If your travelling by public transport or Plane it’s good to wipe down the seating areas and armrests before sitting. Travel-sized disinfection wipes and hand sanitizers are available for you to keep in your hand luggage. If you’re travelling with children its best to sanitize their hand every so often as you cannot be too sure as to what they have touched.

Remember this may all seem like common sense to us all but we all overlook these when travelling. This could be due to the excitement of travelling or even the hecticness of travelling.





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