Unmissable Places to Visit in Milos Greece

Milos is home to over 20 breathtaking beaches. Located on the Aegean sea, Milos is one of the most mentioned islands based on its beauty. However, Milos is known to be the least visited of the Greek islands by tourists. Milos is a beautiful ancient city that is great for tourist who are love arts, artefacts or history or just lying on one of the spectacular beaches.  Sit back and relax while we take you through the unmissable places to visit in Milos Greece.


Unmissable Places to Visit in Milos, Greece

Plaka is the capital city of the Milos island. Unlike many capital cities, you won’t find a car, heavy traffic noises or even traffic lights. In addition, all the local houses built closely together, you’ll be able to walk around and take in the beautiful views.

Just like all other Greek islands, Plaka was built with a maze of alleys to confuse pirates. This beautiful village has charming cobbled stone alley and picturesque streets waiting for you to stroll down. Moreover, Planka has the ability to take you back 100 years with its admiring the Cycladic architecture.

Folklore Museum


The museum is a 200-year-old house located on a hill in Plaka located at the courtyard of the Panagia Korfiatissa church. The museum focuses on the history of the island from the 17th century and was built in 1967.

There are many artefacts, books, literature, and furniture from the 17th century within the museum. The museum really does showcase the history of the inhabitants of the island from this period.

Sarakiniko Beach

Unmissable Places to Visit in Milos, Greece

When you first step foot onto Sarakiniko beach you’ll really feel like your on another planet. One minute you’ll be walking across beautiful cliffs the next you’ll be diving off them into the clear blue waters below.

The beach is located in between a number of cliffs making it a really unique experience and one of my favourite beaches.

Ancient Theatre of Milos

Unmissable Places to Visit in Milos, Greece

When you decide to visit Milos be sure to visit the ancient roman theatre. The theatre has been well preserved and really is a great aetiological part of the islands history.

During the era of the Empire of Greece Milos played the part it used to serve as the centre of music and art.

The theatre of Milos used to host a number of concerts during this era. This was just so beautiful with the magical backdrop of the clear blue Aegean sea.

Catacombs of Milos


Alongside the theatre, the island of Milos has number of catacombs. These catacombs are a network of tunnels and cemeteries. Back in the day, these catacombs were burial sites for famous greeks.

These Catacombes are one on the 3 most famous out of the 74 discovered around the world. They are really captivating the ways they show the ancient history of the tunnels. In addition, these catacombs are amongst the ones found in Rome and the holy land and are said to be older than the ones in Rome.

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