Staying Safe While Travelling

Staying Safe While Travelling

Staying safe when your abroad is a concern for many. Furthermore travelling abroad has become more and more popular in addition it has also become more dangerous. With a little planning and precautions, there are many ways to keep safe when abroad. Here at Travel Stuck, we want to take all your fears away. Enabling you to experience the wonders of the world. Now let’s show you our tips on staying safe while travelling and get you closer to your magical vacation.

Get travel insurance

Before travelling its best to check with you health insurance provider or bank to see if you’re covered for travel insurance. Make sure you’re covered when travelling abroad. There have been many stories and tales about travellers getting charged high medical bills when getting injured abroad. It’s best to be covered before getting injured than regretting it after.

Travel smart

We may all think this comes naturally to us all but there are many things we can do to travel smarter each time we travel abroad. When travelling into the city or local town its best to take what you need there’s no need to take all your travel money or your passport of all your credit cards. Most hotels have safe’s where you can keep your valuables, even hostels have lockers to keep your valuables safe so please do use them. Always carry a copy of your passport or Id card as many police officers have the right to detain you before seeing a form of ID. Remember to check for an officers badge before handing over any form of ID.

Stay alert and watch out for thieves

In big cities especially always be aware of thieves and pickpockets. When I travelled on holiday with my family I experienced this first hand in Greece. When travelling on the train there were many gipsies who travel in groups. They are so quick they will bump into you pickpocket and pass onto another member of their gang. Your valuables are gone before you can say ‘hello’. Some of my travel buddies have also warned me to stay away from charity workers. These workers have the ability to lure you into thinking they are supporting a worthy cause. At the same time, someone else is picking your pocket.

Furthermore, thieves can also portray themselves as police officers asking many travellers to show them their money and documentation claiming they are in search of counterfeit money. If you do need to withdraw cash always use an atm inside the bank not on the sidewalk you never know who might be looking. The best way to pay for goods would be mainly by credit card. However, keep a little cash for markets or stall that doesn’t accept cards. If you are thinking of using cards abroad always keep an eye on your statements to make sure there has been fraudulent activity.

Research travel advisories, warnings and alerts

The urge to travel abroad has become greater and greater over time. It’s important to keep safe and mitigate risk before you travel. Furthermore, terrorism is a key safety aspect to consider when planning your trip. Check out the  US Department of State’s Travel Advisories website to keep up to date with worldwide travel.

Don’t post location or agenda on social media

Due to Facebook, Instagram and many other social media platforms many of us cannot resist boasting about our next big adventures make our friends and family envious. According to a survey by Experian, only 32 per cent of travellers avoid posting photos or status updates when travelling aboard. Furthermore, only 20 per cent of travellers disable geotagging on their photos. Posing your location and agender can help thieves track your location as well as maybe pouncing on your home knowing your not in. Many of us like to show photos when on holiday but its a lot safer to upload them when your back home.

Enjoyed our blog on staying safe while travelling?  Thinking of travelling abroad as part of a group? why not learn how to How to plan a group trip abroad. and prepared beforehand.

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